<% flag="尚未处理" set rs=server.createobject("adodb.recordset") sqltext="select * from PE_Company where StatusInField= 0 order by CompanyId desc" rs.open sqltext,mconn,1,1 dim PerPage PerPage=29 If rs.eof and rs.bof then response.write "


" response.end End if text="0123456789" Rs.PageSize=PerPage for i=1 to len(request("page")) checkpage=instr(1,text,mid(request("page"),i,1)) if checkpage=0 then exit for end if next If checkpage<>0 then If NOT IsEmpty(request("page")) Then CurrentPage=Cint(request("page")) If CurrentPage < 1 Then CurrentPage = 1 If CurrentPage > Rs.PageCount Then CurrentPage = Rs.PageCount Else CurrentPage= 1 End If If not Rs.eof Then Rs.AbsolutePage = CurrentPage end if Else CurrentPage=1 End if call list If Rs.recordcount > PerPage then end if Sub list()%>


<%call newenterprise()%>


<% End sub rs.close set rs=nothing %> <% mconn.close set conn=nothing %>